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Munjya is a movie from India that came out on June 7, 2024. It’s directed by Rajesh Sharma, famous for his interesting stories. The main actors are Rahul Singh and Priya Mehta, and they do a great job playing their roles.

Sunlight Productions made the movie, it looks good with cool scenes and effects. They spent a little money but still made it look awesome. Munjya is a fun movie with a great story and acting that people will enjoy watching.

Munjya (2024) Movie

Release DateJune 7, 2024
DirectorRajesh Sharma
Main CastRahul Singh, Priya Mehta, etc.
CompanySunlight Productions
BudgetModerate budget
GenreHorror, Drama


Munjya is an exciting movie directed by Rajesh Sharma, known for telling stories in cool ways. It stars Rahul Singh and Priya Mehta, who act well and make the story feel real. It looks amazing because they used their money wisely. Even though they didn’t spend too much, the movie still looks great with awesome scenes and effects.

The story is exciting, but I won’t spoil it here. The actors’ chemistry makes the story even better, and you’ll feel connected to what’s happening. This is the type of movie you won’t forget because of its awesome direction, great acting, and high-quality production.

Main Starcast

  • Sharvari Wagh as Preeti
  • Abhay Verma as Bittu
  • Mona Singh as Mrs Kapoor
  • Sathyaraj as Prof. Narayan
  • Suhas Joshi as Grandma
  • Rasika Vengurlekar as Kavita
  • Richard John Lovatt as Foreign Tourist

Munjya Box Office Collection

The movie did well when it came out on June 7, 2024. A lot of people went to see it, especially on the first day, and it made about ₹8.75 crore. During the opening weekend, it kept making a lot of money and ended up with around ₹25 crore in just three days. This was a good sign that the movie might make a lot of money overall.

As time went on, she kept making more money. By the end of the first week, it had made ₹40 crore. People liked the story and the acting, which helped keep them interested. By the end of the second week, it had made over ₹60 crore, showing that it was a hit. The fact that it kept making money shows that people liked the movie.


Munjya is a movie that mixes comedy and horror, based on Indian legends. Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, it tells the story, a scary creature that only comes out after dark and can only be seen by the main character, played by Abhay Verma. She tries to marry a girl named Munni, leading to funny and scary situations.

The story not only has funny and scary parts but also hints at a sad backstory. This mix of humour and sadness is likely to appeal to people who enjoyed other movies in the Maddock Supernatural Universe, like Stree, Roohi, and Bhediya.

If you’re excited for Munjya to come out online, you’ll be able to watch it on Disney+ Hotstar. Check out Filmy4wap for much more content.

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